Double Spend Attack

Double-Spend Attack
Released Honestly, I have no idea. I know someone else knows, though. :)
Type Earth
Energy Points N/A
How to earn Support Khan Academy with a Bit-coin donation, TWICE!!!
Notable users with this badge N/A

Double-spend Attack is a special badge that belongs into the Earth Badge tier. It's description is "Support Khan Academy with a Bit-coin donation, TWICE!!!"


[hide]#Notable Users with this Badge:

  1. Extra Information:
    1. Learn More about Bitcoins here:
    2. Learn how you can donate bitcoins to Khan Academy here:
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    Double-Spend Attack

Notable Users with this BadgeEdit

Extra InformationEdit

Learn More about Bitcoins here.EditEdit

Learn how you can donate bitcoins to Khan Academy here.EditEdit

If you don't know what a bitcoin is or want to learn more, head on over to the Khan Academy video tutorials and/or watch the simple one below!(but watching the tutorials are better because they give 750 energy points too!_ [1]Older badge imageAdded by 4thdimensionpro

Related BadgesEdit


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